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To see close-ups of the paper sculptures click here.

The Beauty Series_Hair_Audrey Roger_2_o

The Beauty Series_Sun_Audrey Roger_3_o

The Beauty Series_Makeup_Audrey Roger_2_o

The Beauty Series_Face_Audrey Roger_2_o



I just came back from a trip to Paris where I picked up some old Opus International magazines in a bookshop in the Marais. I discovered the work of a fellow Piscean, the Italian artist Emilio Scanavino. Here are some of his beautiful abstract paintings. You can see more of his work here.

Emilio Scanavino_Laruota_1969

Laruota, 1969

Emilio Scanavino_La Lunetta_1971

La Lunetta, 1971

Emilio Scanavino_Tramatura_1973

Tramatura, 1973

Emilio Scanavino_Alfabeto Senza Fine 4_1970

Alfabeto Senza Fine 4, 1970

Emilio Scanavino_Alfabeto Senza Fine 7_1970

Alfabeto Senza Fine 7, 1970


Here are pics of my yearly trip to the photography festival Les Rencontres d’Arles, which was particularly good this year.

You can view posts about previous editions here, here and here.

Standouts this year included a retrospective of the work of Sergio Larrain (very moving and beautiful street photography set in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Rome mostly, like filmic snapshots of everyday life in the 1950’s and 1960’s), photos by Viviane Sassen (I fell in love with her compositions and colours), an inventive photo narrative by Cristina de Middel set in Zambia, polaroids  and black and white photos of Guy Bourdin‘s early work, and the collages of John Stezaker (which I blogged about here back in 2011).

Viviane Sassen_Les Rencontres d'Arles_3

Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen_Les Rencontres d'Arles_2

Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen_Les Rencontres d'Arles_1

Viviane Sassen

Guy Bourdin_Les Rencontres d'Arles_1

Guy Bourdin

Sergio Larrain_Les Rencontres d'Arles

Sergio Larrain

Cristina de Middel_Les Rencontres d'Arles_1

Cristina de Middel

Cristina de Middel_Les Rencontres d'Arles_2

Cristina de Middel


I just came back from a holiday in the south of France where I took pictures of some of my new paper sculptures. Here they are!

And here is a pic of the shoes being made.

group pool shot_Audrey Roger

Paper woven leather sandals_Audrey Roger


Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged, I’ve been busy with a few projects. Here are a few of the recent paper sculptures I made and shot and some pics of the blue slingbacks being made.

Handbag shot_Audrey Roger

Shoes shot_Audrey Roger

Jewellery shot_Audrey Roger

Blue strappy slingbacks_2_Audrey Roger

Blue strappy slingbacks_1_Audrey Roger


One of the most inspiring exhibitions I’ve seen in a while! I went to see AxME by the American artist Ellen Gallagher at the Tate Modern a couple days ago . The kind of exhibition that makes you excited and itching to go make things!

Her collages of retro beauty ads and plasticine in particular are sheer amazingness! As are her animations and paper relief artworks.

Go and see it! Runs until the 1st of September.

Ellen Gallagher_DeLuxe

Ellen Gallagher_DeLuxe_3

Ellen Gallagher_Axme

Ellen Gallagher_DeLuxe_2



I know I’m obsessed with sunglasses! But how cool is this poster? I’ve always been a big fan of Sofia Coppola’s films and can’t wait to see this one! It opens at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard selection and should come out here in the UK on the 5th of July.

The Bling Ring


Pick Me Up’s come round again… I didn’t think it was as good as previous years (see  posts of past years here and here) but there were some good bits.  I had a lot of fun with my friend Chris at the “Face Stamp!Human After All stand where we made our own personalised faces with the ink stamps on display designed by a selection of illustrators (Malika Fravre, Emily Forgot, Siggi Eggertsson, Jean Julien, Craig & Karl, Supermundane, Adrian Johnson and Hattie Stewart). Other highlights included Anna Lomax‘s installation of strange and singular objects and prints, Malika Favre‘s elegant and pared down Kama Sutra screen prints, and Crispin Finn‘s minimalist prints of classic cocktails.

To see the full programme and book tickets click here.

Pick Me Up 2013_Face Stamp_glasses

Face Stamp!

Pick Me Up 2013_Anna Lomax

Anna Lomax

Pick Me Up 2013_Crispin Finn_Tom Collins

Crispin Finn


Last night I went to a fascinating talk, part of the Patternity festival Superstripe, celebrating patterns and stripes in particular (click here for more info about Patternity and the Superstripe festival).

As most of you who have been following my blog and work know, I am constantly fascinated by geometric shapes and patterns (and have also worked with Patternity before – click here to see pics).
Geometric shapes and patterns feed into my abstract work and even some of the more figurative things I make. So it was really interesting to hear people from such a variety of backgrounds and professions talk about patterns within their field of expertise and show images of these different patterns.

The panel included:
Jude Stewart – Design Writer
Daniel Bor – Neuroscientist
Isamaya Ffrench – Makeup Artist & Illustrator
Richard Weston – Professor of Architecture, Author, Inventor & Designer
Robert Storey – Artist & Set Designer
Björn Atterstam – Positive Psychologist & Entrepreneur

Check out their inspiring work at the links above!

Superstripe wall_1_Patternity

Wall created for the Superstripe exhibition and festival

Isamaya Ffrench_3

Isamaya Ffrench

Robert Storey_Kenzo

Still from the Kenzo Paris video Robert Storey worked on with Quentin Jones

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