Last night I went to a fascinating talk, part of the Patternity festival Superstripe, celebrating patterns and stripes in particular (click here for more info about Patternity and the Superstripe festival).

As most of you who have been following my blog and work know, I am constantly fascinated by geometric shapes and patterns (and have also worked with Patternity before – click here to see pics).
Geometric shapes and patterns feed into my abstract work and even some of the more figurative things I make. So it was really interesting to hear people from such a variety of backgrounds and professions talk about patterns within their field of expertise and show images of these different patterns.

The panel included:
Jude Stewart – Design Writer
Daniel Bor – Neuroscientist
Isamaya Ffrench – Makeup Artist & Illustrator
Richard Weston – Professor of Architecture, Author, Inventor & Designer
Robert Storey – Artist & Set Designer
Björn Atterstam – Positive Psychologist & Entrepreneur

Check out their inspiring work at the links above!

Superstripe wall_1_Patternity

Wall created for the Superstripe exhibition and festival

Isamaya Ffrench_3

Isamaya Ffrench

Robert Storey_Kenzo

Still from the Kenzo Paris video Robert Storey worked on with Quentin Jones


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