All of this week GF Smith are showcasing the free event Beauty in the Making, which they curated in collaboration with It’s Nice That, Monotype, and The British Council‘s Architecture, Design and Fashion Department.

Beauty in the Making celebrates the process of ‘making’ and the skills and craft behind this. It includes an exhibition displaying the process behind creating the beautiful GF Smith papers (the last photo shows the machine used to weigh the paper to measure the exact gsm!) as well as workshops where you can make your own letterpress cards and GF Smith envelopes with the help of technicians.

Continuing on the theme of paper. the signage and  exhibition graphics have been skillfully designed as well by MadeThought from brightly coloured palets of paper where the top sheets are cut out with stencil letters to reveal the sheets underneath.

There are also amazing talks by inspirational professionals from the creative industry such as The W Project, NoBrow‘s Sam Arthur, Simon Waterfall, Rob Lowe (aka Supermundane), Angus Hyland of Pentagram, Jane Stockdale, Martino Gamper, Nous Vous collective, and Kate Moross to name but a few… I absolutely loved the talks! It’s always exciting to hear other people talk about what inspires them and what they’re passionate about!



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