ThreeDee PV

Last night was the private view of the ThreeDee show at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, a group show I am taking part in alongside twelve other artists (Annu Kilpelainen, Christopher Wright, Kyle Bean, Liam Sparkes, Matthew Bromley, Nicos Livesey, Paul Parker, Rob Whoriskey, Rosy Nicholas, Sam Coldy, Tim Ryan, Toby Evans). For those of you who haven’t read my first post about it or haven’t heard of the show, the concept is that all of the artwork was designed and produced in anaglyph 3D to be seen with 3D glasses. The show is a mixture of prints, animations and sculptures. Check out the pics of the PV below. The anaglyph geometric print I designed was turned into a repeat patterned wallpaper exclusively for the show.

If you missed the PV you can still check out the show at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes for another six weeks or so. You can also buy (if there are any left!) a limited edition booklet with all of our 3D images printed by Ditto Press.


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